Excess Electronic Co., Limited specializes in recycling electronic components inventory. We are a professional electronic component acquisition company, which recycles all kinds of IC's excess inventory, outdated semiconductors and acquires various electronic components at a high prices .
Long-term high-priced recycling of OEM IC electronic chips.
Please view the following Fuses parts for your reference, but not only recycling these part numbers:

8020.2051 BK/74B-3 F09A250V7AS SF-2410HI350T-2
8020.2052 BK/74C-5 F63C500V100AS SF-3812F1500T-2
8020.2056 BK/ACK-120A F63C500V80AS SF-3812F2500T-2
8020.206 BK/ACK-40 K/74F-20 SF-3812F4000T-2
8020.2061 BK/ACK-60 MF-FSHT005KX-2 SF-3812F5000T-2
8020.2066 BK/ALS-225 MF-FSHT010KX-2 SPXI001.T
8020.2085 BK/GBA-10 MF-FSHT016KX-2 SPXI002.T
8020.2091 BK/GBA-15 MF-MSHT035KX-2 SPXI003.T
8020.2093 BK-S 520-10-R MF-MSHT050KX-2 SPXI003.TXB
0592.200U BK-S520-20-R MF-MSHT075KX-2 SPXV016.T
0592008.U BK-S520-V-16-R SF-2410FP010T-2 SPXV016.TXS
0592025.U C308F-V-63MA-TR1 SF-2410FP016T-2 XEV10-30-1P
1206L020/30YR DMM-B-44-100-R SF-2410FP1000T-2 XEV10-50-1P
1206L025/24YR F0603G0R03FNTR SF-2410FP500T-2  
Excess Electronic Co., Limited