Excess Electronic Co., Limited specializes in recycling electronic components inventory. We are a professional electronic component acquisition company, which recycles all kinds of IC's excess inventory, outdated semiconductors and acquires various electronic components at a high prices .
Long-term high-priced recycling of OEM IC electronic chips.
Please view the following Relays, Contactors & Solenoids parts for your reference, but not only recycling these part numbers:

27000000 G2RL-1-E DC18 KUP-11D55-6 SZR-LY2-N1-DC24V
1-1393092-6 G2RL-1-E-HA DC5 KUP-14AT5-24 SZR-LY4-1-AC220V
1423155-4 G2RL-1-HA DC5 KUP-14D55-24 SZR-MY4-N1-DC24V
1462039-6 G3VM-101BR1 KUP-5D55-12 T9GV1L14-12
4-1393238-4 G6CK-2114P-US-DC12 KUP-5D55-24 T9GV1L14-24
AGN200A12Z G6K-2F-RF-V DC5 LH1520AB UB2-3NU
AQA211VL G6K-2G-Y-DC3 M22TS V23026A1001B201
AQV209G G6QE-1A DC12 MKS1XTN-10 AC120 V23057B0002A101
AQV209GA G6SK-2G DC3 MT226024 V23057B6A201
AQV209GAX IM01NS PRD-11DY0-24 V23061B1006A601
AQV214HAX IM03JR PVT312LSPBF V23076A3001C132
AQV217AZ KHAU-17A11N-120 R10-E1Y2-V185 V23079A1006B301
AQY221N2VY KHAU-17A18-120 R10-E1Y2-V700 V23079A2006B301
AQY221R6VY KHAU-17D16-12 R10-E2X2-V185 V23079F1108B301
EA2-3NU KRPA-11AG-240 R2m-2012-23-1060 V23105A5306A201
EC2-12SNU KUEP-3D15-12 R2m-2012-23-5050 V23105A5505A201
EE2-4.5TNU-L KUHP-5D51-24 RC-200124-DN V23148-B0008-A101
G2R-14-AC24 KUP-11A15-24 RZF1-1A4-L006 V23234A1004X050-EV-100
G2R-1-DC5 KUP-11A55-24 RZF1-1A6-L048 XT484R24
G2R-24-AC120 KUP-11A55-240 SP4-P-DC12V XT484T30
Excess Electronic Co., Limited